Meet Dr. Marie Kambranis

In her words:

"I grow more passionate about dentistry every day! Dentistry has advanced tremendously in the past decade. Patients have a myriad of options for restoring the health of their teeth and the appearance of their smile. My greatest joy is serving one person at a time, giving them my undivided attention, to help get a beautiful and healthy smile.


Dr. Marie believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. She will work with you until you are satisfied with your smile, because that's what motivates her.

She keeps up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to be able to continually provide her patients with the best techniques and the highest quality of care dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Marie has been in practice over 25 years.  She acquired her dental degree at McGill University in 1986, graduating at the top of her class and receiving the “McGill Alumnae Society Prize” for excellence and high academic standing. She then furthered her education with a one-year residency at the Montreal General Hospital.

She devotes more than the usual amount of time to each patient and procedure to design and deliver treatments with a personal approach that are specially tailored to each patient’s individual needs and situation.

Dr. Marie lives in Laval with her family. A busy professional and mom, Dr. Marie does not have a lot of spare time but when she does, she thoroughly enjoys skiing (even if it is only on the bunny runs), playing the piano and swimming.  Most of all she enjoys playing Scrabble, Chess and “Rock Band" with her son.  Dr. Marie and her son Nathan are avid science fiction fans who love "Star Trek", attend “Comicon”, and love watching and re-watching Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis over and over again with lots of pillows, popcorn and milk.

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Dr. Marie Kambranis

Founder and owner of Centre Dentaire Laval-Ouest

At your service for over 25 years!